It's dead, Jim

Okay, not dead but golly this website is in need of some TLC… or CPR.

Evidently RealLifetm has not been very permissive.


I took a quick look in my console to see if I could update the CSS, but it’s going to take a bit longer than a quick 30 min review to get this design near anything modern.

Floats. So many floats…

At the time this site design was created, that was the best cross-browser solution for a responsive design. Now there are so, so much better solutions.

I’m not quite sure what I was thinking with the purple and tan sidebars.

Plan of action – burn the site down.

Wait…no. Bad idea.

There is still some good content here – even if it does need to be updated for the modern age.

I think I’m going to recreate the website with some technology that is a bit more modern. My goal will be to showcase ways to use new techniques (i.e. React) and keep the site accessible and responsive.

Friends, bear with me. I would love to tackle this in a weekend, but knowing my life, it’ll likely be six months before I find the time to work on this.

I’ll want to make sure I account for current URLs.

I have a firm dislike for websites that are redesigned and relaunched with no thought to the idea that the Web has a long memory. Years after a post is made, links to it still exist in far-flung corners.

Yes there is the web archive, but it’s not that hard to add a 301 redirect.

So, current thought is a static rendition, perhaps at or

Then…headless Drupal? Static with React? I have a lot of skills I want to pick up or refresh. This site would be a great opportunity to do so. Plus it would help fill my woefully empty github public view.

Then relaunch those articles that still have relevance today, but revise them with new information and techniques.

I’ll need to think on this a little more.

I do promise it won’t be 2023 before you see a new site.