1. A hilarious, if frustrating way to spend a few minutes. I hope no one has had to fill out a form nearly this bad.

  2. My youngest shared with me that the English language has no future tense - something I probably knew at one time, but had forgotten.
    In sharing with my eldest, he replied 'we also don't have green giant giraffes' and dug up this tweet.
    Zombie tweet - reviving for the curiosity.

  3. WATCH: Goose Rescued From Snapping Turtle by Local Man on Unicorn  via @whohd

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    We couldn't be more proud of our CEO, @carycoppola, for utilizing a "novelty inflatable" as a rescue tool. 🦄 Check it out for yourself here: 

  5. Highly recommend visiting Project Implicit - take a few tests and learn a bit about yourself. 

  6. Rewatching - Love the bonus but it can't end like this!

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    trended worldwide tonight against the Stanley Cup, The Bachelorette, and a Game 7. That is serious dedication

  8. It's so charming that he still calls Chloe "Detective"

  9. The car keeps moving...really slow. One of those grand little touches that make this show. Thank you @LUCIFERwriters

  10. Twitch is hosting a seven-week 'Doctor Who' viewing event  via @engadget

  11. Just watched Lucifer s3 finale - wow. Then to find out it's the series finale? Not fair! please

  12. Monday's snowfall was hard to handle, couldn't get anyone to plow or get on a list for Fri/Sat Snowmageddon. So I went out and bought a snowblower. Now, only 1-2 inches expected in the metro. You're welcome.

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    Aerospace Engineers Warn First-Grader’s Design For Spaceship Completely Unsafe