FXB: Week 1, Days 3, 4, 5, 6

Okay a little catchup as I’ve been so busy I wasn’t able to post daily.

Day 3: Kickboxing!
Day 4: Resistance Training – Upper Body
Day 5: Kickboxing!
Day 6: Resistance Training – Lower Body

The kickboxing side of this program is totally kicking me :) I’ve learned three things so far:

My body seems to rebel at the idea of doing three types of punches and moving my legs in time to the music. I do well with one, can mostly keep it up with two but completely lose it at three. Throw in a kick and it’s Geek on the Dance Floor syndrome. All stops, rushed starts and flailing around.

I gotta give my coach, Tyler, credit because he sticks with me, helping me with the form, getting me to slow down and focus on technique but not letting me stop. “It’ll come,” he says, “Focus on your form and build your muscle memory” -not a direct quote, but paraphrasing. I know it’s true; like anything, practice will build confidence and ability but it is so frustrating to not be good at something. “Wax on, Wax off, Daniel-san”

I’d say my best form is on my roundhouse kick on the bags. There is something very satisfying about letting all my frustration with myself flow out of my body and into that motion that ends in a resounding THUD against the bag. As my balance improves I think I’m going to like them even more.

The resistance training bears me a bit more leniency in the Looking like a Fool department. I struggle to get through each set with the proper form but most of the time when I realize my arm or leg didn’t actually complete that last move like my mind thought it did it is because I’m pushing beyond my limit, my ‘level 10’ as they call it and reaching muscle failure.

Reaching that point where my muscles say “Thanks, but no” so early is a bit humiliating but also good. I think it bodes well for getting my body toned if not slimmer sooner. Maybe it’s my imagination but at the second session of lower-body RT I thought I was able to get a little further on each of the exercises, except maybe the lunge. That one is a balance nightmare for me but I will master it. Oh yes, I will.