A little about Sara Jacobson

(the NotGoddess)

Sara Jacobson, also known as the NotGoddess, resides in the scenic land known as Iowa, amidst a gaggle of children and a curmudgeonly cat.

Encouraged by her parents to watch ‘classic’ films, listen to ‘classical’ music and read the ‘classics’, Sara developed a taste for things both subtle and elegant. Exposure by her brothers to British comedy led to a dry and somewhat warped sense of humor. Early reading of L’Engle and Pratchett didn’t help.

It was the influence of her father, Ken Cupps, a teacher of Latin and English, turned auto mechanic, turned photographer, that fuels her desire to help others and which shaped the theme of this site. Her passion for problem-solving (some might call her dogged) drives her past the point where most give up (and get more sleep).

Sara’s programming specialties are PHP, MySQL database development, xhtml, and javascript (AJAX/dhtml), and she’s available for hire for website design, standards compliance evaluation, general programming, birthday parties and other group events. :)

Would you like to know more?

…you’ve actually read this far? If you have other questions, feel free to Contact Sara with your questions.