Not that I ever want you to leave my site, but since you never come here, I thought it harmless to cite a few of my favorite blogs.

By favorite I mean blogs that I have visited and read thereupon a humorous or informative article and plan at some future point to revisit with demands that they entertain me once more. Should they fail I shall be very very put out. Seriously, there’ll be tears in my eyes.

the pen is mightier than the spork


James Moran is the writer of the Doctor Who Series 4 episode _The Fires of Pompeii_ and other stuff that I'll be shallow and unknowing about for the moment.

His blog is quite hilarious-he's got the "laugh or you're dead" turnabout humor that I enjoy and I highly recommend it because of his excellent writing style and not at all because of the C4 he's got wired to my keyboard.

The Very Fluffy Diary of Millennium Dome, Elephant


Defying pachyderm protocol, this elephant refuses to be wrinkled, conservative and technologically-challenged. He often writes about Doctor Who (he _says_ it's on his daddy's behalf but I think it's an excuse so he won't be beaten up by less enlightened elephants).

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