What is it with me and brits ?

Okay well technically he’s a Scot.

Is it the accent? The absolute impossibility? I don’t know (dinnae ken? :) Sadly he in some pics bears a resemblance to Whatever, but I can forgive him that.

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I figured it out….maybe

As with most questions I pose, this one was running around in the back of my mind, sifting patterns and associations until finding something of interest. I’d completely forgotten about my first crush.

Ian Buchanan

Duke Lavery, as played by Ian Buchanan on General Hospital. A darkly gorgeous Scotsman with a lilting brogue.

Peter Davison

Then there was Peter Davidson-oddly though, considering my Whovian affection, it was in his role as Campion that I most liked him. I’m looking forward to ptv airing episodes of ‘The Last Detective’.

Is my perfect man a tall, roughly handsome, angst-ridden man with an accent?

Maybe it’s the characters with darkness and secrets, as James Marsters, who’s actually American (I know you know but I’m cutting off silly comments) got the next pick for his role as Spike. There certainly seems to be a thread of secret lives and mystery there.

James Marsters

Then again, Hugh Laurie, in his role as House, doesn’t have any real secrets, so perhaps it is the angst that resonates.

So what does all this say about me?

I have to say I do love the angst…it shows passion, a driving force and that’s powerful. But I also love the silly goofy stuff, and the joy that seems more intense, the happiness that’s more appreciated because of the path taken to get there.

It’s the spark, the variance that pulls-someone who’s always broody or always happy is, well, not really boring, but not really satisfying either.

This is [still] a work in progress…


1 Tasha - Aug 7, 07:43 PM

You forgot Mojo!

2 Sara Jacobson - Aug 11, 08:08 PM

Oh, Lovely Luscious Laz. Magnificent Mojo :)
You’re right-he definitely falls in here. Got a pic?
tigger pounce

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