Make an Informed Vote

C.J. Graham has done a good job of expressing the concerns that I and I suspect many people have about this election. Take a moment to read her article, Fear Based Voting – A Nation in Turmoil.

I feel that we the people, more than ever, are being unsubtly herded to the voting booths with the expectation that we will vote for one of two candidates. We’ve been told that to vote for any but them is to throw our vote away so often that many believe it as fact.

Insert standard disclaimer that I don’t necessarily agree with Graham’s own choice, but heartily applaud her decision to make an informed vote.

But it isn’t-every election that the number of these ‘throwaway’ votes grows so grows the awareness that maybe, just maybe, we can vote for someone we really support.

Don’t follow the pack. Don’t vote for someone because you think they’ll win or because someone else says they’re best. Vote for someone because you’ve done your own homework and truly believe that person represents they way you want this country to be. If that person is Obama or McCain, great-you are voting for them for the right reason. If it’s someone else I also applaud your decision.

And now I’m going to say something very unpopular. If you want to be a sheep and plan to vote for someone without actually checking them out, please, just stay home. You are the one who is throwing away your vote by wasting the opportunity to really make it count.

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