Surely I can't be the only one

who isn’t an idiot

In my hunt for comments on the latest Doctor Who episode, I ran across this interview in the Times Online It’s ok to think Doctor Who is gay and thought it was a nice article giving a somewhat shallow portrait of a man. Shallow in the sense that it was an overview with a few highlights, not shallow in respect to the man.

In a personal touch, the author refers to her friendship with David and how that and his style sense led other friends to make judgment calls on his sexuality. David’s reaction to this-that it does no harm to him for them to think what they will-shows a maturity that I believe will serve him well in years to come.

Overall a nice, positive article.

…and then I get to the comments.

Now it’s obvious that the Times chose their headline as a hook to draw folks in-that’s what they do afterall, but the number of comments blathering on that he isn’t or couldn’t be or how dare you blah blah blah. Which inevitably turns into a discussion on homosexuality and sexuality on TV, interspersed, of course, with the gratuitous ‘David I love you call me yada yada’ stuff.

There were a few comments to which you can attribute forethought on the part of the writer, but most of them….

Okay, calling them idiots is harsh, but do people actually read before they post??

All right…rant gone, off the soapbox, and with a nod to the inevitable I say ‘Hey, David…call me ‘


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