Sounding like a complete idiot is annoying

You are having a conversation with someone and have the spark of a perfect analogy or anecdote. Unfortunately rather than actually waiting for that spark to ignite and fully develop, you just start talking. Bad Idea.

Hey yeah that’s just like…that group… oh yeah the Sex Pistols had that song… um can’t remember the {tunelessly hum what you are too shy to say the lyrics to} ..uh yeah that. uh. heard it as musak.

It was actually worse than that….ever try to say explicit lyrics w/o being explicit to an audience that wouldn’t mind the swearing? I sounded like Wally Cleaver …or June I guess rather.

Most of the time I love my referencial memory-being able to recognize patterns and associations with seemingly unrelated concepts is usually a strength.

The inability to just say a very simple thought coherently due to all the hashing? Very embarrassing.

Of course it’s likely that witnesses to my foolery have already disregarded/forgotten it or will do long before my own mortification passes.

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