Random speculation on Doctor Who Series 4

Allow me to posit a theory about the end of Series 4. I’m sure it won’t be the case but if you are in fear of spoilers, don’t read.

…still here? On we go then. Allons-y!

The Darker side of the Doctor

All throughout the new series the Doctor has been referenced in ways that call to the darker side of his psyche. The Lonely God, The Oncoming Storm, Ka Faraq Gatri, the Bringer of Darkness or Destroyer of Worlds.

Near the end of The Christmas Invasion, the Doctor states “No second chances. I’m that sort of a man”, and it’s stated or shown throughout the series-giving the baddies ‘one chance’ to repent of their acts.

At the end of Human Nature, the Doctor showed well how cruel his sense of justice can be.

In Voyage of the Damned, Mr Copper proffers “If you could choose, Doctor. If you could decide who lives and who dies… that would make you a monster”.

Yet the Doctor has decided exactly that. And often it is his companion that bring him back from the brink-as Donna said in The Runaway Bride “You need someone to stop you”.

In the Midnight press release it says the Doctor’s greatest strength is turned against him-his curiosity? his gift of gab? his mercy? He’s on his own in this episode…no companion to stop him.

Crossing Timelines

The Doctor has frequently said he cannot go back, he can’t undo what happened. It is a ‘fixed point in time’, like Pompeii. Yet it turns out that Pompeii wasn’t really as fixed as he thought. He caused it to happen.

In Father’s Day a fixed point was undone, with disastrous results.


Twice the Doctor has made the deliberate choice not to rework the Universe. He could have done so when he absorbed the Vortex from Rose, and in School Reunion through solving the Skasis Paradigm.

The Doctor made a choice, back in the Time War. His choice stopped the war and destroyed Gallifrey and the Daleks, he thought. Now we know the Daleks are in future episodes as we’ve seen them in previews. He’s already had ample evidence that the Daleks survived, that his genocide was for nothing.

Turn Left…

Left in Latin is “sinister” (well ‘on/to the left’), a word that has another meaning today of something which has ill intent, like shaking with your left hand and stabbing with your right

ill is another interesting entomology.

And turning..well another frequent theme in the series is that there is always a choice (but not always the one you want).

Dark Phoenix …er Doctor

Okay here’s the part that won’t happen….purely my rambling musings, if you’ve managed to get through this jumble.

I don’t know the trigger-there’s been enough setup for this to happen, but would they dare push it this far?

The Doctor is the Bringer of Darkness. Without his companion to temper him, he’s pushed over the edge in Midnight (or Turn Left) and takes a darker path.

Maybe he goes back to undo the Time War. Or maybe he sets out to destroy the Daleks once and for all either currently or before they were ever created.

Imagine the devastating paradox that would happen if Skaro were rewritten (again).

The Doctor’s choice sets off a series of events-universes implode (Rose’s return) and this universe is threatened as it begins to unravel (Wilf seeing the stars go out one by one).

Wilf’s scene reminds me of The Nine Billion Names of God by Arthur C. Clarke , one of my favorite stories.

It’s the Doctor who is the baddie, although a sympathetic one with all his angst in the episode that’s TBA. His actions cause it, tho I’m sure there’s plenty of real baddies to fight (Rose w/ gun).

A twist on the Darth Vader storyline, albeit without the heavy breathing (tho there is a Master there too… :)

I’m not saying he turns evil-the Doctor never ever could, Valeyard excluded :), but rather his angst..love that word, his despair and grief hit him at a moment of weakness (no companion?) and he sees a way out…a way to set things right, to what they should have been-or at least to ensure that prior acts were not in vain.

He’s acting out of a need for redemption, another theme that winds throughout the series.

It’s his companions-at last count, seven are returning for this-that stop him and bring him back to the light (metaphorically) in the final episode, Journey’s End.

The Medusa Connection

…I don’t think there is one. The Doctor sealed the Rift in the Medusa Cascade back in the Time War, but the Master was there to witness it. It wasn’t the actual event that ended the war, as the Master had by that point run away.

Of course there are stone references throughout the series- Blink, The Fires of Pompeii, Love and Monsters (hey I had to throw that one in), just to name a few.

Now if I can only figure where the bees fit in… Colony Collapse disorder…hmmm


1 Sara Jacobson - Jun 14, 08:20 PM

After seeing Midnight and the trailer for next week it’s obvious I’m wrong (not that I thought I was close anyway).

This Doctor is particularly good at angst and cold anger, so it would be nice to see if he could pull it off.

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