New Year, New New Sara? - part deux

Okay, and now the silly, improbable and semi-scandalous list of things that are highly unlikely, a bit out of my hands in most cases yet lovely daydream material. In no particular order.

  1. Win the lottery. I crave a quick fix to my financial woes and even after rendering unto Caesar & the Lord, the amount left over would grant a security and freedom that would make so many other things possible.
  2. Have a ‘killer’ body Fit, muscled, no flab, but still enough fat so I curve in all the right places-I think I’d look sickly if I was really thin since my body frame is designed to hold curves.
  3. Explore a ruin. Took a bit to get the headline on this-I want to travel & experience the life of a land, satisfy curiosity, in the way you might exploring an old ruin north of Glasgow rather than standing in a queue to walk through the Coliseum. Thoughts more to the Europe than more southern climates.
  4. Explore a cave. This goes hand & hand with the above but it’s drinking in the feel of the earth rather than the marks man have made upon it. I’d love to go spelunking & explore a cave system.
  5. Have a mad affair. A wild tryst that sums up all the earthly & emotional desires of the archetypal girlie-girl fantasy. It’s the stock & trade of chick flicks. You meet a man (preferably with an accent :) who sweeps you off your feet and does impossibly crazy, romantic things that flip all your switches whilst simultaneously driving you bonkers. Curtains close on a kiss & you’re back to Real Life™ with some lovely memories.
  6. Find the right man. I put this on this list because I don’t really know who this might be. Right now it’s someone funny, fit, whimsical & smart who enjoys SciFi as much as Shakespeare & can ramble on about Descartes, Monty Python or the Wild West with equal enthusiasm. Possibly with an accent-current preference Scottish :0. Someone with whom, as a couple we push each other out of our shells to try something new, yet find equal joy in a quite snuggle on the couch watching the television. He’d have to love my boys as much as I do & respect that things would go slow in that area (I’m not going to introduce them until I’m certain he’s a keeper) and be a good role model to them. He’d have to adore me, of course and be sensitive to my failings, but not be afraid to call me on them so I can improve. Someone with his own Life and respectful of mine-but loving our time together. Oh and having money/looks are a definite plus. I could go on, but I think that’s enough to show that for now at least I’ve got a pretty unlikely ideal.
  7. Have a clean home for more than a day. An unlikely dream, with kids, but still worthy.

Maybe I’ll add more later-but it’s past my bedtime now, so I’ll stop here.

Sweet dreams.

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