New Year, New New Sara?

I was invited to a New Year’s Eve party at my sister’s house, but the thought of a 90 minute drive home at 1am amidst the drunken party-goers wasn’t really an enticing idea, so instead I decided to spend the evening with a sampling of indulgences.

The list:

I know, an odd list. I thought it would be nice to send out the old year with things I don’t have very often but do love, so I enter the new year without craving those things.

Now, resolutions for the new year…

  1. Just say no to vendo-land. I think this is my single biggest weakness I need to conquer this year. I do a good job of not snacking in other situations, but at 2pm those Zingers are my downfall and I need to get them out of the picture.
  2. Snack healthy, Snack wisely My new daily snack: natural almonds. 2oz bags cost $1.20, last me most of the day and studies have shown them to have very beneficial effects on weight, cholesterol and diabetes.
  3. Eat more fruit. I get more than my day’s worth of veggies, but I tend to shy away from fruit because of the carb load and my experiences with gestational diabetes (not that that turned me off Zingers…). But I need to eat more fruit so I’ll be taking a banana with me each day as well-lots of potassium. They aren’t the variety I loved in my childhood, but still good.
  4. Drink more coffee. Not something you’d normally see, eh? But studies have shown heart benefits for women who consume coffee throughout the day. Plus it’ll keep me away from sodas. The caveat: less creamer. Never a sugar fan, me, but folks always say I like a little coffee with my cream. So we’ll go for milk (calcium) and cut out those artificial creamers.
  5. Avoid high-fructose corn syrup. Just look at the ingredient label on any food and you’ll probably see it. They used to say you got hidden sodium in everything, but the sugar content is even sneakier. I find it in cereal, pasta sauce and even whole-grain bread. I know I live in a corn-growing, agricultural state, but I need to avoid that.
  6. Exercise. I’ve got routines from my doc to improve muscle tone and coordination, but I’ve been really slack in doing them. But if I want improvement I need to do them. This also leads to my next resolution.
  7. Learn Salsa. Not the lovely tomato concoction tasty on chips but the dance. One of my ‘life goals’ is to learn to salsa dance. Silly, I know, but I love silly. I’ve gotten a Latin dance exercise video that I think will get me on the right path, so long as I keep it up.
  8. Shop less, Budget more, Save more I do a good job keeping tabs on my electric & other sundry bills but ask me what I spent on groceries last month and you’ll get a blank look. I’ve developed a bad habit of stopping at the store each night-it’s nice because I can grab fresh veggies to use that night, but it also means I spend without any real planning or thought. If I cut that down to once a week I’ll be able to plan meals and budget money for them and also be able to see when I might have a little extra that I can put into savings, rather than seeing what money I have and trying to split that into x days worth of meals.
  9. Travel. I’ve enough vacation time, and if I follow my other goals I’ll have a little money to travel this summer when the boys are gone. I have a few ideas, but no firm destination yet-depends on what I can save and of course the daily needs take precedence. Why not a family trip you ask? Well I think I need to indulge a bit of my own wanderlust first, by myself, and my youngest isn’t really of an age yet that we can take a long trip together to a strange place-maybe in a couple years.

Okay that’s the list for now. No huge goals, but steps that will work together to get me closer to the person I want to be living the life I want to live.

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