New New New Doctor?

The cat (nun, nurse) is out of the bag. Matt Smith will be Doctor #11. I know at least a few of you out there (who haven’t googled furiously) are asking “Matt Who?”. Go ahead and google…I’ll wait.

I’ll admit I said the same thing and having followed along with the thought that there would be a step away from Lovely Sexy Doctor and a move toward an older, perhaps fatherly figure-well or crazy uncle. My own favorite runner was Stephen Fry.

I saw Matt’s pic with the news article and thought ‘oh please, we need a Doctor, not a fangirl flip’.

(surreptitiously pulls a curtain over her own ravings-well DT is my own age…)

After a little googling of my own I realized he was in ‘Ruby in the Smoke’ which I saw a few months back on Masterpiece Theatre and thought ‘Oh, he was quite good in that’.

Just as with David Tennant, there are many going off to the deeps saying they won’t watch the show, he’ll ruin it, to which I reply: Just wait and see. I wasn’t fond of David before I saw him actually play the role and now I’m a bit of a fan of all his work. :)

So to Mr. Smith, trading Matt for John, I say well-met and hold on tight, because this role will change your life.

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