It's really not funny

I’m at the computer at 3am trying to finish my work when I hear a car drive by and a woman’s voice yelling ‘Sara!’. I ignore it.

About five minutes later it happens again.

This time I turn off all the lights, and head downstairs to see if I can get a better look if they drive by again.

They do, but other than see that it’s a red sedan, maybe a taurus, I can’t see anything. This time, no one yells out.

I go around the house, making sure all the doors are locked, and get back to the living room just in time to hear them approaching yet again. Again, they don’t yell out (all the lights in the house are off), but turn the corner and keep driving.

At this point you understand I’m a little freaked.

I turn the bathroom light back on, as the boys need that light if they wake up in the middle of the night, and go back upstairs.

I was getting ready to quit and get some sleep, but now I’m completely awake and jumping at every sound.

Whoever you are, know that this is not funny and I will be calling the sheriff’s office at the next go-around, if there is one.

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