It's good to have a long-term goal

I’m very much a spot-of-the-moment person. I find something that needs done and work on it until it’s done or I’m dragged away by some other event. Not to say I’m a Calamity Sam, only doing when the clock strikes the eleventh (although I will do sometimes), but rather I like to get things done the moment it strikes me that it needs to be done. But Life tm is a multi-threaded environment and for everything you can do now, there’s a dozen others waiting in the wings.

So, it’s good to see to some of those as you can-set yourself long-term goals that you can tackle in bite-size pieces. That way you don’t spend an inordinate time neglecting others and find yourself making progress without extended immediate effort.

My long-term goals? Mmmm… well I’ve a few, mostly completely impossible, but the one I speak of today is: the dress.

The DressA dress I plan to look stunning in

Not the best pic, but the only clear one I could find and there’s no way I’m modeling it now! It’s a lovely simple-yet-complicated design that I fell in love with at first sighting. Even though when I tried it on there where a few bits bulging it looked good and I’m not the sort of person who often tells herself she looks good.

Why am I posting this so publicly? Well, since my ‘regular’ visitors include myself, two friends, and a chap from New Zealand (hello) I’ve not much to fear in the humiliation dept. and it might just get me going.

So, my Goal: to get rid of the bulging bits by 6 months so I can wear this ribbonesque lovely to some grand event, like a play, or grocery shopping :) I’m guessing it’ll take 25 off to get the curvey yet no-bulging stage.

I’ll start here being utterly vaguely honest and say I’m 162. As weeks progress I’ll comment on how I’m doing. I’ve a friend who’s said they may do with a comment or three to encourage, and you are certainly welcome to as well.


1 Sara Jacobson - Jul 8, 11:12 AM

~157 now. I’d like to fudge and say 156 but I think it’s better to round up.

2 Sara Jacobson - Jul 15, 08:24 AM

~155. I was 154 yesterday but given it was a Monday I was overly cheerful (which takes off a pound or so).

3 Sara Jacobson - Jul 25, 02:33 PM

153 and holding for the past week. Let’s hope I’ve not reached a plateau so soon.

4 Fiz - Aug 16, 03:09 AM

153, plateau or not, is awesome! I know you can keep going, but dang, that’s not bad progress. Especially compared to my own, but even what I’ve lost so far feels pretty good.

5 Sara Jacobson - Aug 28, 07:55 PM

Down to 152 steady for a week. I was at 150 for a bit, and it’s ‘that time’ so there may be some water weight to come off in a week or so.

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