I'm playing with the site CSS (again)...be patient

A tinkerer…that’s what I am.

Having finally found what I thought was a site design that followed the principles of Content-First design, accessibility, and progressive enhancement, as well as looking nice at many resolutions in modern browsers, you would think I’d be done.


You may have noticed there are not a lot of images on this site. I’ve believed having an image just for the sake of having an image is a bad idea-there should be a definite reason. I shy away from the stereotypical header image that’s there for no other reason that to provide a bit of color-I’ve decided to provide the color interest with my design instead.

And yet…of late I’ve found more interest in adding pics to my posts, even gasp embedded video (apologies to those still on 56k..and yes I know you are out there). Wanting to avoid large pics, I thought ‘hmm my left whitespace is just the nice width for a smaller image to accent the running text.

Of course my design wasn’t set up to allow that-I purposely left that whitespace with only limited elements allowed to break into it.

But..I have to tinker, knowing there’s a way to reflow the site to allow the occasional image or random aside that’s related (tangentally) to the content.

So forgive the mess while I tinker with the CSS-I normally do this on my alpha site but it’s a bit out of date and since I don’t get a lot of visitors I figure you’ll forgive the oddness while I iron out any styling issues.

2008-01-04: More adaptations underway.

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