Doctor Who ideas sparked by the casting of Matt Smith as the Eleventh Doctor

Oohh long title- likely longer than the post really, but we’ll see. Random musing follow.

Female companions are the norm for both classic and new Who. They’d have to cast someone young if they want to continue the potential love interest.

They could cast a Rose-clone. After all wasn’t she 19 or 20 when she met the first Doctor. The visual age difference would be more believable.

What about older, but not by much? 30-ish open the ‘best buds’, ‘like a sister’ and ‘friends with benefits’ options, but I’m sure there’d still be some ‘too young’ reactions.

I know-I’m being biased against the older woman / younger man scenario, but most 26-year-olds don’t have the maturity or life-experience of 1000+ years behind them to attract an older woman.

There would be difficulty reconciling the visual age difference of someone over 35 and she’d come off as Mrs. Robinson or have an inherent MILF vibe. And it would require a suspension of disbelief of societal norms that would detract from the suspension asked for by the show itself.

Repeat the above replacing the female pronouns with male equivalent because hey, it’s that kinda world now :) Tho a younger male companion would likely be cast as a ‘best bud’ rather than FWB.

Thinking of two younger actors (or three…the doctor has had multiple companions before) makes me think of Stargate SG1’s 200th episode show…

STARGATE SG-1 – 200 – Episode #1006:

YOUNGER TEAL’C: Yo, dawg, what’d you do that for?
YOUNGER MITCHELL: Dude, that hot chick…was so totally a Goa’uld!
YOUNGER TEAL’C: I was still gonna tap that.
YOUNGER MITCHELL: You don’t appreciate me…do you?
YOUNGER CARTER: I think you’re so totally awesome.
YOUNGER MITCHELL: That’s what I’m talkin’ about.
YOUNGER TEAL’C: Yo, Wonderbread, you got that address figured out yet?
YOUNGER DANIEL: Chill, T. I’m, like, translating as fast as I can.
YOUNGER VALA: I’m so sick of being treated like some sort of object to be worshiped. I’m a real person with real feelings.
YOUNGER DANIEL: You know… I don’t think Mitchell likes me anymore.
YOUNGER VALA: I’m pregnant.

CARTER: Uh-uh.
MARTIN: I need a latte.


Perhaps they could get a 40-ish professor (no, not Snow)-maybe a guy for the older female crowd :) and a younger female as well to keep all the options open.

An older companion of any order would be a great way to address the ‘older is wiser (and in charge)’ beliefs everyone has.

Doctor? Intern maybe….

Having a young Doctor opens many chances to play over the ‘he’s too young’ question inside the show itself-after all not since he was really 26 did the Doctor look this young and he will have to deal with all the stereotypes people put upon age.

He’s used to charging in and just assuming a leadership role-how is the Doctor going to deal with the incredulity of those he meets. Just as in the 4th season there was the running gag of ‘Oh we’re not a couple’ there could be threads of ‘Doctor? He’s barely old enough to shave!’ or ‘Um no actually I’m his companion’ in the 6th as he come to grips with his appearance and his charisma accustoms itself to this new body. I’m thinking more of a strength & seriousness that makes you take pause rather than DT’s boyish charisma. Such charm on Matt might make him seem well, boyish.

Age is relative

Late twenties is really not that young-mayhap to older viewers but remember this is a children’s show. The target audience isn’t my generation but that of my children. My 12 year old would see Matt as an full adult.

[pause while I show K—— the new Doctor’s pic]
Sara: So what do you think of the new Doctor?
K——: ehhh (waves his hand in a so-so gesture)
Sara: Do you think he’s too young?
K——: maybe.
Sara: He’ll be 27 by the time filming starts.
K——: Oh that’s okay then.
K——: He’ll get to run a lot more!
[He runs off making shooting noises like people are shooting at the Doctor]

Speaking of Age…

One thing I do hope they address is that the doctor is NOT 903-ish years old- He was 953 when played by Sylvest McCoy in Time and the Rani. Maybe it’s ageism again…900’s are still spry but over 1000 and he’s ancient? The could reconcile the two by making an offhand comment -something like “I’m 1228..that’s 974 in Earth years” – When #7 said his age he was referring to Gallifreyan years, whilst most of the time he’ll talk in terms of Earth years (or perhaps the Tardis translation circuit does it for him?).


1 Ashley - Sep 1, 01:23 AM

why don’t you bring doctor whooes daughter back or rose or

2 andyson - May 11, 09:46 PM

itself-after all not since he was really 26 did the Doctor look this young and he will have to deal with all the stereotypes people put upon age.


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