Dear Readers, take heed

Well, although I have several journals elsewhere, I seem to have trouble keeping them updated. Here’s yet another attempt.

A warning: I know the only way I’ll keep this going is to enter any random thoughts that strike me at the time, so beware they may be short, long, ranty, preachy, and possibly offensive (although my nature will likely keep it [PG-13]).

I’ve often had thoughts that I fear to write on my other journals for fear of being shamed, flamed, or otherwise ill-regarded, especially by those I call friends but with whom I know I share few political, social or religious commonalities and with some often find myself in opposition on some issue or other. While I welcome comments, I kindly ask you to refrain from flames, and understand if I choose not to answer.

I hold you all dear to my heart despite, or mayhap because of our differences, and have no intent of cruelty. I just wish for a place to succor my thoughts.