Bad Wolf. Bad Bad Wolf. Bad Naughty Wolf!

Another theory on the last two episodes of Series 4.

Spoilers ahead….

…still here? On we go then. Allons-y!

Bad Wolf

Bad wolf bad wolf bad wolf bad wolf bad wolf. bad wolf _ bad wolf_ bad wolf, bad wolf bad wolf bad wolf bad wolf… bad wolf!! Bad wolf bad wolf bad wolf.

Bad wolf bad wolf bad wolf bad wolf ‘bad wolf’ bad wolf bad wolf.

So now you know where the bees fit in. Amazing isn’t it?

Humor, what humor?

Okay, maybe a joke in bad taste for those seeking answers, but hey, no one comes here so I have to entertain myself :)

Please teach me, what is a snog?

Again, poor taste, but I needed a header. Doesn’t sound as good as Kirk’s ‘kiss’ version.

Click on the image for a larger view. Tennant here has darker hair-almost black, and he’s wearing a shirt I’ve not seen him wearing in the series to date. He’s wearing the Doctor’s suit, so unless he’s taken to ‘playing Doctor‘ I think it’s safe to reason this is a costume switch for episode 13.

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