Reasons to Donate

Not that people usually need reasons if they want to donate, but in case you are accosted and someone demands a reason, or if you are not sure why you would want to, here are a few:

  1. Your philanthropy is world-renowned and you are running out of people to give money to.
  2. You’ve made, or plan to make, a lot of money using my scripts and OSS contributions.
  3. You need a tax write-off (of course donating to this site would not constitute a legal write-off, and you would have a jolly old time rationalizing it as such to the IRS), tho if you donate $1000 USD or more I do promise to visit you in prison1.
  4. You think I’m the best thing since sliced bread.
  5. You wish to ensure my kids have something other than macaroni and cheese to eat2.
  6. You want me to destroy those pictures I have involving a llama, a blender, and a tin of kippers3.
  7. You want to show your appreciation for the work I did for you free of charge4.
  8. You want to encourage me to finally release new versions of the various contributions I’ve made.

….more to come as I think of them.

In seriousness, the truth is I have four kids to support. I finally have landed my dream job and I’m making much more than I used to, but I’m also still trying to catch up on all those years where life wasn’t so dreamy. I figure I’ve got another year to 18 months before things finally tally out and I can start putting money away for things or take the kids out to dinner without them thinking it’s a ‘rare treat’ (tho that may not be a bad thing).

Thank you to those who have donated. Even $5-10 helps, because it does add up.

-Sara Jacobson_ a.k.a NotGoddess a.k.a Elwing

1 If said prison is located within 50 miles of my residence at the time.

2 It tends more to spaghetti and tuna casserole these days.

3 If you actually spent a moment trying to figure that one out you might be better served spending your spare funds on intensive psychiatric care :). It’s three different pictures, silly.

4 Silly of me, wasn’t it? On second thought, do donate. Maybe I need that psychiatric care. :)